6-Week Mastermind
June 1 – July 6, 2022

S.A.F.E. Lifestyle Investment  Mastermind


S.A.F.E. Lifestyle Investment Mastermind is a small group mastermind for independent, action-taking women

Why are we launching this high-impact course? 

To empower women to become investors 
who will thrive in these unpredictable times, 
while keeping an eye on the upcoming opportunities 
in this digital decade. It’s always in times of 
greatest crisis that we find these 
unprecedented opportunities, but they don’t 
stay around for long.


  • That investing is not about the numbers, it is about the stories
  • ​That there is a perfect complement of investments that will fit your schedule, personality traits, interests and risk tolerance profile to let you sleep well at night.
  • ​That it doesn’t matter how much money you start with, there is a path to financial independence that can be reached faster than you think.
  • ​That with only a little knowledge you will have the confidence to be making intelligent, financial decisions confidently and successfully.
  • ​That anyone can be an investor – even you.

You will have a money mindset that attracts money and opportunities because you will know what money is, what it is used for, and how to make it work for you.

You will have the knowledge and skill to have meaningful conversations about money and financial services, earning respect from financial providers so that you get the information you need to make
 informed decisions.

You will have the confidence to recognize and assess opportunities for relevance to accomplishing your goals; knowing what actions to take and when to take them.

Best of all! You will have a vision, plan and clear path of execution 
that will ensure you can achieve your goals for life-time 
financial security, desired lifestyle, and impact for creating the world 
you want for yourself and those you care about. 

"Your future is what you create"

Susan is an incredibly thoughtful, kind and strategic leader- her years of experience and knowledge mean she's exactly who you want on your team when you're thinking about growing your financial independence & freedom! 

~Kathleen H.

I love Susan's passion to help women succeed in the area of finances and her beautiful modelling of taking action on it. So approachable and humorous, she creates enthusiasm and energy to address head on what for many women can be so daunting! Susan is a much-needed resource to bring 5.0 awareness and feminine power to the financial advice world.

~Helle B.

Susan is a joy to connect with and a dedicated financial mentor to women. Her Wealthy Wise Woman program attracts top women leaders. She helps them to reach their investor potential. I highly recommend her work.

~ Lisa M.


Step-by-step Training Video Portal

With the step-by-step Training Modules, you'll be equipped with the concepts, tools, techniques and guidance you need, to save you countless hours of research. Steps  to build and maintain a SAFE and growing financial legacy for a life of freedom.

Consultation With Susan

You'll have access to our Wealthy Wise Woman coach to book one-on-one sessions to discuss a specific investment opportunity, enhance your personal learning experience or find out what other opportunities for personalized or group support are available.

Members-Only Independent Woman Tribe

You'll become a VIP member of our private group where you can ask questions, give and get feedback, meet and engage with like-minded women following their own investment education journey, and extend your learning through Susan's educational posts.

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It's not every day that you meet someone who is as well rounded and knowledgeable about so many different ways of investing as Susan is! 

~Veronika W.

Susan understood what was important for me and assisted me in determining why I should invest and what technique I should employ. 

~Michelle C.

It is the confidence you have in knowing your choices and how to make financial decisions that are right for you.

~ Donna M.

I believe it is critical to continually foster one's personal or educational development, and Susan's program has been really beneficial to me. It's been a lot of fun!

~Lucy M.

Not only is she wise, wealthy, and "Wealthy Wise", but she is also the most generous mentor in giving of her time, wisdom, and friendship.

~Jaqueline W.

Susan easily simplified the complex into simple and easy to follow steps. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable.

~Danielle M.

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