Wealthy Wise Woman Tribe!
A tribe of empowered,  fiercely independent, impactful women personally committed to
their calling, financially free, and love adventure.
 Build confidence in money decisions to achieve financial peace of mind in these uncertain times, without risk or worry, even if you don't know where to start.
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For this reason, I've created the Wealthy Wise Woman Tribe membership program.

You've already invested in yourself by taking the S.A.F.E. Lifestyle Investment Program, why not make the most of that new knowledge by continuing on your investor journey and getting your money working.

If you're feeling like your investments are a disaster and 2022 didn't go quite like you had hoped, then I promise it won't feel quite so bad when you have others to go through the uncertainty with you.

If you're still sitting on your portfolio plan but haven't implemented any of the ideas because you're just not ready to do it alone, then the timing couldn't be better - everything is on sale!

If you took action at the time, but then procrastination took over and you've just not gotten back to check on your portfolio or make some more investment decisions, then the beginning of a new year is the perfect time!

If you had great plans, but then didn't know what investments to actually jump into, then joining a group is the perfect place to find out what opportunities are out there.

When we invest together, it is much more interesting, consistent, and most important - FUN!

I'd love to have you join us now - while we are welcoming our Founding Members into the program!

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Wealthy Wise Woman Tribe

A continuing Education Membership Extension to the S.A.F.E Lifestyle Investment Academy group of programs.

As a graduate of one of our signature programs, you are invited to join our ongoing Wealthy Wise Woman Tribe!

Continue your financial education, with like-minded women creating impact in the world with their passion, purpose, expertise and money.

Here's what you'll get:

 S.A.F.E. Lifestyle Investment Academy Library

Access to our library of training materials to continue your investor journey on your own time and at your own pace.
Super WIN Program to enhance your money mindset and attract more money to you.

Written and video trainings on a wide variety of assets and investment strategies to deepen your investor knowledge and confidence 

Planners, tools, checklists, and instructions for performing specific investor activities from tracking and journaling your investor decisions to scripts for how to speak to a financial provider. 

Monthly Tribe Workshops 

Extend your training investment with Susan by attending monthly workshops where we’ll pick up where we left off.

Build your confidence by practicing your investor decision-making skills and performing actual transactions.

Learn about new assets and strategies that can further diversify your portfolio and provide more security and growth to your financial foundation.

Our monthly paid workshops are included free to our members each month.  Recordings will be added to the library so you can revisit them for step by step guidance when investing on your own. 

Weekly Tribe Conversations

Share your investor journey with like-minded women in a safe, supportive and fun environment: 

Weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask anything you want from how to fine tune your portfolio distribution to concerns with the economy.

Special presentations for private investments so you can become an angel investor in areas that are important to you like green technology, fem-tech, and other impact investment opportunities.

Weekly mastermind sessions where we’ll discuss what is happening in the world and where there may be opportunities to invest.  This open mic session is an opportunity to share ideas, your expertise, and laughter. 

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Join Wealth Expert,
Susan Ritter

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Founder of Wealthy Wise Woman, Susan, has done the leg work and proven that anyone can create their own financial independence. She is now dedicated to helping other independent, empowered, impactful women build their own personally free future. Susan uses the same steps and tools that worked for her, to teach others how to create a life-long investment portfolio that will never allow your lifestyle to be less than it is today, and has the potential of creating a lifestyle that is better than your wildest dreams!

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